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The Life Giver

The sun gives life to everything on earth. It is the only truer source of energy available to humans.
Over time the cost of solar panels will plummet.
Computers will be built from sheets of aluminum.

T-Mobile + SpaceX

A partnership to usher in global connectivity with modern devices.
This will enable individuals to stay connected regardless of their physical location. It seems like a single partnership with a single carrier from a single country but in reality this is a clear declaration of the inevitable future.

This is a future where SpaceX is the only telecommunication provider, presiding over all citizen communications for a period of time. The time period will be a function of how soon a rival telecommunication company can design and begin launching their own space-bound rockets. This is necessary because SpaceX can simply forbid any rival telecom provider from using its rockets to launch satellites.

What's Next

The smartest people on the planet are working on Time Travel Technology. The basis of this is the mathematical equation: -M or Negative Motion.

A major first step is recognizing that electrons in the computer can be manipulated with logic.
This has taken humanity it's entire existence to developing this paradigm.